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Med Spa Services

Crowfoot Solutions is founded by a cosmetology certified expert who has worked in beauty salons and managed numerous spas.

While managing salons and spas, Ms. Crowfoot also learned the skills for client acquisition and working through the bottle-necks that come with scaling a business.

Through the years of experience, she has distilled down the best performing strategies that can take a place from an average success to a 7-figure business.

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Our Process - Med Spas

Our blueprint will remain the same working with med spas. The skeleton is the same, but the filling is custom made for your success.

We begin with a Done-For-You client acquisition service that sets the foundation for your business. It's solid, and scalable.

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While working together, we will share with you our methods, strategies, and secrets. That way, you're not forever dependent on an agency's services

After you've taken in everything that we do and are ready to fly on your own, we'll help you do the in-house hiring needed to cover for everything that you need to have in order to continue scaling.

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Success Stories

Anthony Amato

Went from $245K to $640K and still growing using those systems.

Amal Maalouf

"That 6 month limit really pushed me to absorb as much as I can in the time we worked together, now I have my own team doing the client acquisition."

Kathy Parsons

"They really organized my entire business, now we’re projected to scale past 7 figures in a couple months." (2022)

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